Happy Dragon - Carnival Series


Happy Dragon - Carnival Series


Photographed in Culver City, California in March of 2009, this image is from a series of photographs from the “Carnival Series” by Laurie Goldfarb/LaurenElisabeth Photography. The series was intended to show the unintended and inherent creepiness of street carnivals as they pop up around the United States due to the run down state of the rides and the unexpected situations that they appear in. 

This series was shot during the set up of the yearly Culver City Police sponsored neighborhood block party under the cover a thick morning fog. The horror movie asthetic and gothic intention of the images is subtle, but undeniable. The natural fog gave the subjects a perfect dim lighting that was naturally dark and desaturated. 

This series has been shown at several art galleries around the Los Angeles area during 2009 and 2010. All prints are one of a kind, custom printed and signed by the artist.

These are all original gallery prints that are discounted here as the artist makes room for the next series she is working on. Details on the prints are:
Framed Digital Print on Velvet Finish Archival Paper
UV Glass in Black Wood Frame
20x24 Frame
Originally gallery priced at $300.00

Print 1 of limited series.

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