Chopper - Chopped Dropped & Driven Series


Chopper - Chopped Dropped & Driven Series


Photographed in Southern California between 2005 and 2009, this image is from a series of photographs from the “Chopped, Dropped and Driven” gallery show by Laurie Goldfarb/LaurenElisabeth Photography. This series focuses on the rockabilly culture, particularly the cars and events that are part of that subculture. Images were taken at several events over the course of 4 years, including the March Meets Races in Bakersfield California and the desert speed trials of SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) at the El Mirage dry lake bed.

Nearly all the images in this series were shot at sunrise, as the morning light in the desert at these events is unquestionably the best way to capture the quiet moments before the engines get revved up and the races begin, whether it’s frost on the dashboard of a roadster or a members of car clubs arriving in their kustoms before the car show begins. 

The images were all shot on black and white high speed film intentionally and the grainy prints are meant to give the images a classic vintage feel. 

This series has been shown at several art galleries around the Los Angeles area during 2008 and 2009. All prints are one of a kind, custom printed and signed by the artist.

These are all original gallery prints that are discounted here as the artist makes room for the next series she is working on. Details on the prints are:

Silver Gelatin Print on Archival Matte Finish Paper
Tacked into White Matte Board
Size 11x14 image on 20x24 Matte (No Frame).

Print 1 of limited series.

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