The Thirteenth Doctor!!!

Earlier this summer, a couple friends of mine approached me about working with them on a project that they were working on and after I heard what it was, I of course, jumped at the chance. My friend Athena Stamos was to be the cover model for a new comic book featuring the 13th Doctor from the long-running, sci-fi Doctor Who television series. What makes this Doctor special, is that the actor portraying the 13th is the first female Doctor in the 50 plus year Doctor Who series! And while we are all waiting (very impatiently I may add) for the series to start, I got a taste of the new Doctor with Athena's portrayal in the studio. 

Working with her was so much fun, as was the incredibly talented photographer for the project, Shannon Cottrell. 

Here are just a few of the behind the scenes shots I took, also featuring our amazing make up artist Jessica Mills

And, after our job was done, the comic book company took over. Here's the final book cover of Doctor Who # 1!