Portraits From the Wasteland

For the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of attending the annual Wasteland Weekend event in California City, California. Out in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert, for four days, approximately 2500 crazy Mad Max fans descend on H Park near Edwards Air Force base and set up a functional Bartertown, a fully functional Thunderdome (in which attendees can fight each other), a vendor selling Dinki Di "dog food" in the movie accurate cans (don't worry - it's not dog food, but kangaroo meat chili) and a number of characters from the Mad Max films - everything from War Boys, to Immortan Joe, to Furiosa to every incarnation of Max himself. Something about being out there in the Wasteland has inspired me to start working on something new. Starting with my own wonderful and willing tribe members, (Tribe Neverwas), I am working on a series of Post-Apocalyptic Portraits. For now, here's some from this past weekend at Wasteland Weekend 2016. I'm hoping to work on more in the coming months.