Film2Future Awards Night

This summer, I had the very distinct pleasure of spending two weeks photographing the students and instructors at an amazing program called Film2Future. Held at Emerson College in Los Angeles, Film2Future is a two week intensive course, aimed at underprivileged high school students, to give them a basic introduction to the film industry. Workshops during the two weeks included guest speakers - everyone from actors like Ben Schwartz (Parks and Rec) and Malcolm Goodwin (iZombie) to YouTube personalities, to casting agents, directors and producers and talent agents. They even had at least one Oscar winner (2016 winner for Sound Editing Mark Mangini) come to speak to the kids. 

With such a great and varied staff at the non-profit school, it was no surprise that the culmination of the program was a beautiful night premiering each of the student films and an awards ceremony for the teams. Having spent some time with these kids, and seeing how hard they worked, they absolutely deserved such an amazing night. 

Film2Future will be continuing again next year, with a new group of students and I'm sure, a new group of amazing talented industry professionals to guide them. I look forward to being able to be part of it again. 

Here are some of the highlights from the awards ceremony: