Costumes & Cons: WonderCon 2014

I love costumes. I love wearing them, photographing them and coming up with new and different ways to incorporate myself into characters that I adore. It started when a girl in high school told me I looked like my favorite post-apocalyptic punk rock heroine from the comic I was reading one day in school. I'm pretty sure she meant it as an insult. I embraced it. Anyone who goes to comic conventions, knows that these events are a place where costumes are key. Not just for a party, not just for one event - or Halloween or a performance, but purely for the sake of loving costumes. And anything goes. 

From Captain America, to Dream and Death of the Endless, to a bottle of Sriracha sauce - whatever you want to dress as - you can. It's about love of a character and the imagination you put into your costume. 

That's what it felt like this past weekend at WonderCon in Anaheim, California. What I love about WonderCon is that it's big enough to pull in out of towners, but still feels small and local. Just walk into the bar at the Hilton across from the convention center after the doors close on Friday night - all your friends are there. (Even the friends you haven't met yet.)

This year, since I've been focusing more on expanding my portrait shoots, and as I've always felt more inspired to shooting the things that I love, I took my camera down to WonderCon to see what I could find. And I found a lot. 

Here are just a few of the fantastic costumes I was able to capture from some of the amazing and creative cosplayers that were there...

I had such an amazing time wandering around, shopping, catching panels hosted by some talented friends and of course, photographing everyone I could. I can't wait 'til the next one. 

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