Bucky's Revenge? I Think Bucky Likes Me.

Sometimes, without any planning at all, things just fall into place.

Recently, I did a cosplay shoot with three of my dear friends out in Joshua Tree. And I mean, recently, as in this past Saturday. Fast forward to several days later and I was deep into my editing process. Taking a break, I see a Facebook post from a good friend asking for a photo of a female Captain America cosplay. At that moment, I was editing the photos I had taken that weekend of my friend Michelle, IN HER CAPTAIN AMERICA COSTUME. Texts were sent, emails followed and within an hour, my photo was being featured on a flyer for an upcoming cosplay event in Los Angeles, called Bucky's Revenge - in honor of the release of the new movie; Captain America, The Winter Soldier. 

Here's the flyer.

Michelle looks gorgeous, my friend and his business partners are so very happy and so am I. The timing couldn't have been planned better. It's just the universe's way of letting me know I'm doing something right. 

And if you happen to be in LA on March 27th, come by the event and say hi. I'll be the one with the camera.